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A fresh perspective of the Bull City

I started flying a DJI Phantom drone in January 2016. For my senior capstone project at Duke, I created a photo book featuring my best aerial images of the Durham cityscape and successfully published it with Kickstarter.

Postcard Views of Durham

My first aerial photography book, self-published in 2016

This loop was my entry for a stop-motion animation contest held by Volcom and STAB Surf Magazine on Instagram. The only required element was at least one pair of Volcom's latest boardshorts.

Boardshorts Stop-motion

Hand drawn & animated for Volcom x STAB Surf Magazine contest

I designed this model for MakerBot's 2015 #SeeTheWorld Summer Challenge. I brought the 26-piece kit to life with my 3-D printer and finished it with a realistic paint job. The source files have been downloaded over 3,000 times by other members of the maker community.

The 3-D files, start-to-finish build instructions, and a more detailed description of the project are available on its Thingiverse page. Check out the animated assembly guide, too!

Cape Hatteras model kit

Open-source 3-D printable lighthouse replica

This video documents the creation of one of my clay Pokémon miniatures. As the clay is air-drying, forming the figure and setting up various shots simultaneously proved challenging.

Model Magic Squirtle Process

The making of one of my miniature clay characters

Discrete x Climbing Hat

I filmed this short sound design piece in two early morning sessions at the Duke Gardens. The cast was made up of a bagful of 300 ladybugs I bought on Amazon and a couple other critters I encountered serendipitously during my shoots.

If You Listen Closely

A macro short film starring a cast of garden insects

In the spring of 2016, I was contacted to create a new coffee sleeve for Saladelia Cafes. The friendly, hand-drawn design I came up with features icons of the Durham skyline. These are now in use, dressing coffee cups at all Saladelia locations.

Saladelia coffee sleeve

This is a fun little project I did to experiment with a few After Effects techniques. Designed to be a splash of movement for a webpage or marketing email, the old school TV provides a unique, static frame for the content to make it appear more like a living picture than a video.

Chubbies: Channel Surfing

Sample mini-ad for Chubbies Shorts

As an intern at PermaGrin Films during my 2015 summer, I had the pleasure of working as an assistant to the director, Marc Donahue, on his biggest lyric-lapse project to date. "Imagination" was already over a year in the making when I arrived in California.

I helped with prop design, set building, production, and even got to make a couple appearances in the film (watch for the tin-foil man on the Monopoly board). If you've got a moment, Marc put together an in-depth behind the scenes video, too!

"Imagination" by PermaGrin Films

Role: Assistant to the director

Artcon poster series

Inspired by the mid-20th century work of Dutch designer, Wim Crouwel

With this iteration of my portfolio website, freshly built in 2017, it was my goal to create an engaging visual experience that's a breeze to digest at any pace, on any device.

Resources in use: Isotope.js + Packery.js, Swiper.js

This website

Pre-build concept sketches

I built this website several years ago—it’s in need of some updating. Connect with me on Instagram or send me an email below!